Krieger Associates


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Whether generating sales for a $19.95 Titanic necklace, or generating leads for a $2,500 piece of exercise equipment, KRIEGER associates DRTV professionals manage their clients' campaigns precisely to profitability.

Every minute counts at KRIEGER associates. If a time slot or station is not performing, not a minute is spared in optimizing your campaign. That's how we have guided a wide range of consumer products, services, and subscription offers, from start up to stellar. From borderline to breakthrough.

The teams of media buyers at KRIEGER associates are seasoned professionals, who have spent entire careers buying direct response television time. Every KAI negotiator has a minimum of 10 years experience navigating the DRTV landscape. They have developed, and carefully cultivated, strong station relationships over the years.

As veterans of the business, we know how to negotiate with television stations and networks. We are tuned in to the pulse of the DRTV marketplace and know how to identify opportunities for placing your product on television.

Our buyers are in the market every day, 52 weeks of the year. We air on hundreds of broadcast stations and all the major (and emerging) cable networks. We buy time in the US, Canada, Latin America and Europe. Our experience in knowing what works, and what doesn't, leverages our clients' media investment.

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