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Clients tell us our reporting is the best in the business. Clear, concise, accurate, and up to the minute. KRIEGER associates developed its proprietary software system, Paradigm to manage campaigns. It sorts and ranks thousands of airs on hundreds of stations, based on criteria customized for each client.

Whether you're just starting out with a small DRTV test on a dozen stations, or are planning a 500-station rollout, it is critical that response data be gathered and organized into its most actionable form quickly, and accurately. All in order to make the best media management decisions.

Success means understanding and continuously monitoring media purchases. Continuously tracking which stations and time periods are producing the best results allows us to react immediately to improve buys.

KRIEGER associates buyers have exclusive access to the Paradigm Results Archive which represents years of results from thousands of schedules, hundreds of stations, and scores of products.

Paradigm's state of the art media management has the unique capability to hand you hourly results, on a daily basis… regardless of your campaign size.